Members Trucks

President Tony Clemens owns these Whites. On the left is a 1956 WC22PLT, and on the right is a 1959 4400TD. Tony’s Dad put 900,00 miles on the 59′, and Tony was fortunate enough to purchase the truck in 06′. IMG_1218

1933 International owned by Dwayne Fuller. Dwayne picked this gem up in Oklahoma from a man that was frustrated that he couldn’t get it up and running. Once he got it home, he noticed some fairly simple things wrong. He sprayed out the inside of the tranny, then pulled the distributor off, cleaned the points and busted her off. He’s not done much of anything else to it, and she runs like a champ. Talk about a sweet deal!

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1959 B-61 Mack owned by Harry and Steve Friedlander.aa59b61aaa59b61